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by Paulin on April 10, 2012

Psyllium Husk Benefits

Psyllium Husk Benefits


Psyllium husk benefits are probably the reasons why this seed is used by some weight loss programs. The Psyllium seed husk is also known as isabgol or ispaghula. The husk is a portion of the seed of the native plant found in India, namely the Plantago ovate. These plants absorb water, expand and becomes mucilaginous, a thick gluey substance. In India, Ayurvedic medicine uses the psyllium for colon cleansing purposes. The Ayurdeva is a system of traditional medicine native to India. However, studies have shown that the Ayurdevic treatments contain high levels of toxic heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic and lead.

Today, Psyllium husk benefits include the cleansing of the colon, bowel regulation and improve blood circulation. The Psyllium husk benefits weight loss programs use the seed because it is indigestible and is a great source of dietary fiber. The Psyllium can also be used to relieve diarrhea, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. The bulk of the husks provide a constant volume of solid material irrespective of other types of diet. Recent studies show that consumption of Psyllium husk can lower cholesterol and control diabetes.

In Psyllium husk weight loss programs, the Psyllium is often powdered down for easier consumption. The Psyllium husk can also be used for baking as it helps bind moisture and makes the bread less crumbly. Some people consume the Psyllium husk by mixing it with water or any other form of liquid. In weight loss programs, Psyllium husk benefits can be gained in the form of capsules. Over the counter fiber supplements and laxatives such as Metamucil, Serutan, Bonvit and Effersyllium contain Psyllium husk as the main ingredient. Sometimes, the Psyllium husk is combined with clay, commonly the Bentonite Clay or volcanic clay to make detoxification drink.

Psyllium Husk Benefits And Additional Information

The Psyllium husk can also be combined with many other ingredients such as the Blackstrap molasses. The molasses contain high levels of minerals and vitamins. The United States Food and Drug Adminstration, also known as the FDA has established the Psyllium husk benefits. The Psyllium husk is also said to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. However, like any supplements, it is wise to consult your doctor about the Psyllium husk side effects especially if you are on regular medication. Reaction between supplements and medicine can sometimes cause adverse effects or reduce the efficiency of your medication.

Although there are so many benefits of consuming the Psyllium husk, it is important not to be the victim of scams. There may be many weight loss programs that claim the use of the Psyllium husk. However, to be a wise consumer, always take time to do the necessary research first before falling prey to the Psyllium husk benefits advertised by the manufacturer.


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